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How are Laptop Screens Measured?

What is the right way, and how are laptop screens measured? Although they are bigger than tablets and cell phones, laptops are important because you can carry them wherever. If you’re anything like mine, you always have your computer with you. Choosing a laptop’s size when making a purchase cannot be easy.

Additionally, how are laptop screens measured? When you were concerned about a backpack or travel case. Ensure you always order a laptop bag that will fit your laptop snugly. We explain how to measure your laptop screen online when you shop online.

How are Laptop Screens Measured?

The diagonal measurement of a laptop screen is taken from the bottom corner. Usually, It is on one side from top to bottom—screen dimensions are usually measured in inches. However, 2.54 centimeters make up one inch. I’ll outline a few easy procedures for measuring your laptop screen accurately.

  • Get a tape measure first. Standard tape measures are measured in inches, but you can convert centimeters to inches afterward if you’re in a different area where you use the metric system.
  • Next, choose a starting point. The most crucial factor is to measure it diagonally. It doesn’t matter if you start at the top or bottom corner. Start measuring the area that can be seen because you can only measure the screen itself, not the plastic edge.
  • That’s all; extend your measuring tape to the other corner from where you began. Modify your measurements if necessary.
  • Diagonal measurements make computer, television, and monitor screens appear larger and more spectacular. You can use a ruler if you don’t currently have a measuring tape.
  • While it’s crucial to understand your laptop’s screen dimensions, do not forget that they differ from the device’s size.

Below are some examples of screen sizes

Screen sizes in inch

Screen sizes in cm

12.1 inch

30.2 cm

13 inch

33.2 cm

14 inch

35 cm

17 inch 43 cm

How are Laptop Screen Dimensions Measured?

Even though two laptops may have screens that are identical in size, though, this does not imply that their sizes are comparable overall.

Furthermore, It depends on the user’s selection of laptop screen size. So, screen dimensions are expressed in inches. They come in various sizes, from 11.1 to 17.3 inches. For easy accessibility, most laptops range in size from 13 to 15 inches. The more compact ones are quite useful and transportable.

How are Laptop Screens Measured Right way

Finally, It is high time we looked at: how laptop screens measure the dimensions of your laptop. Now that we are clear on what constitutes a laptop size. The most crucial information when shopping for laptop bags online is the dimensions.

 The dimensions of a laptop are always expressed as width, height, and depth and are usually given in inches.

Width Calculate 

First, let’s determine the breadth. From left to right, position your measuring tape across your laptop in a horizontal position. The laptop has this much width.

To Calculate the Depth

Next, lay your measuring tape lengthwise from the top case to the bottom of your closed laptop. This is the laptop’s depth.

Calculate the Height

You must close your laptop before measuring the distance from the bottom to the top of the device. It will give us an accurate measurement of its height.

How are Laptop Screens Estimated Without Being Measured?

Below are a few options for measuring your laptop screen if you don’t have a ruler or measuring tape.

  • You can run a search on the internet for your laptop’s specifications. There is a tonne of helpful information regarding your laptop’s display and other hardware.
  • Enter your laptop’s precise brand and model into a search engine to obtain its characteristics. Because even if you know the brand, that doesn’t guarantee anything. So, to help you find the right data.
  • Go to your laptop and look for the label. The label of the brand described the model. It’s typically near the battery on the bottom side of your laptop.
  • Look for “Product information” or “Specifications” while searching for the required information. Thanks to it, you will learn a lot more helpful information about your hardware.
  • You could also locate the necessary information in your laptop’s settings if you decide against conducting a web search.
  • The simplest approach to accessing the settings is to type the word “Display” into your search panel. You can access display settings to see all the required information.
  • Online programs are also available to assist with virtual measurement. Either you enter the details of your screen, such as the display resolution, and they figure out the rest, or you move the mouse pointer diagonally between one corner and the next.

How Can You Measure My Laptop to Choose the Right Laptop Bag?

Laptop backpacks available can hold more items in addition to larger, heavier laptops. A laptop bag with one strap is my favorite. It is more accessible, lightweight, and easier to use than the backpack version.

  • Remember that your laptop shouldn’t be shifting around inside the bag. To guard against damage from bumps, it should be snug and well-fitted.
  • Popular laptop sleeves are sleek and elegant. You hold the cover in your hand, and it has no straps. It’s better to use a lighter, more portable laptop. Because it could be difficult to carry a bulky, heavy laptop around in a sleeve.

 Highly recommended Things: Pieces of Advice

  •  Highly recommended Laptop bags with padding and compartments. Every day I bring my laptop to work; I also need room for a computer mouse and power cords. Essentials like a wallet, notepads, pencils, and office supplies should all fit in the bag.
  • So, padded laptop bags serve as cushions, absorbing all of the impacts of falls and bumps. Seeking out a laptop bag with a padded bottom is an excellent suggestion. If your Laptop bags with padding and compartments drop your laptop, this helps safeguard it from falling.
  • Keeping your laptop closed and secured is one of the most important things. Therefore, look for high-quality zips. Since plastic zips are more likely to break and expose your laptop, metal zips are a preferable option.
  • If you choose a bag with just one strap, be sure to carry the comfort strap adjusted to make it carry easily. as much as possible, take the pressure off of your spine and prevent the shoulder strap from digging into your shoulder.
  • Lastly, I advise picking a laptop bag made of waterproof material. Consider arriving home from work as a downpour begins.
  • You would want to guard against water damage to your laptop. Because of their extreme sensitivity to water damage, electronic equipment should be made of waterproof material.

Wrap up

Hopefully, you will get it right: how are laptop screens measured? You must take a diagonal measurement of your laptop screen from the bottom corner solely on one side to the upper corner on the other to take the proper measurements. You can also follow the steps to measure the dimensions of your laptop. Moreover, you now know the right choice of laptop bag to save it.


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